Sisters of St. Charles Borromeo in India

The story of the Sisters of St. Charles Borromeo in India has for its beginning the proclamation of Pope Pius XI, made in the year 1927. He, by a decree declared, St.Therese, the Little Flower as the Patroness of the Missions and the Holy See made frequent appeals to the Congregations in Europe to send labourers to the mission fields.


This kindled a great desire in the hearts of the Sisters of St. Charles Borromeo, Wez-Velvain, to go to  distant  lands to proclaim the Good News to the poor. On 3rd October, 1928 on the feast of St. Therese of Child Jesus, this desire turned into a forceful inspiration in Mother Josephine Allard, the then Superior General, who will ever hold a unique place in the history of the Congregation as the ‘Foundress of the Mission’. The thought remained persistent and kept fighting against her humble diffidence. She tried to found a house in the Belgian Congo but met with repeated failures. At a moment of great perplexity and doubt, the intervention of Msgr. Mederlet, became a guiding light to her.

On December 31, 1929 with the blessing of Pope Pius XI and under the protection of St. Therese the Little Flower was opened the first house in India at Ranipet. The historical facts that precede its beginning enforce one to exclaim, ‘Great are the works of God!’ The flourishing Congregation in India bears witness to God’s intricate ways which are to some extent recorded in the books, ‘Ever Ancient Yet Ever New’ by Sr. Lobo  Benedicta S.C.B and ‘Seeds of Compassion’ by Sr. Sheila Corda S.C.B. The unceasing grace of God has led the Congregation to be spread in this subcontinent and to give formation to the three Provinces in India , the East, the West and the North.