It was the year 1982. Our Congregation, founded in 1684 was starting to prepare itself to celebrate the third centenary of its birth. A challenging call from Lord of the missions to share the faith and Charism of the congregation and to reach out to the nations afar was felt intensely.
M. Marie Henriette Renson- the Superior General and her council were enlightened to implant the Congregation in Latin America. While they were in a search for further information and direction they were presented with the letter of Mgr. Jorge Gottau, asking for missionaries – priests and religious to work in his diocese of Añatuya that is in the Province of Santiago del Estero of Argentina.
The Lord never fails, His light is ever bright in our search.
In one of the first letters that M. Marie Henriette received from the bishop of Añatuya, it was written, “With great pleasure I accept the sisters of your Congregation whom you offer me to tend the poor and the marginalized of my diocese.” What a coincidence! The objective of the invitation of this zealous bishop and the charism of our congregation are the same.
On the 5th of May, 1984 the pioneer community comprising Srs. Elizabeth, Anacletus and Alicia, was installed in El Colorado. The chapel was blessed and dedicated to the Immaculate conception of the Virgin Mary. It is the people who had requested their Pastor for a chapel and for the presence of the religious in this place, and they had put in their sweat in erecting these two buildings. For them a great dream was getting realised. Every year on this date, this event is commemorated by them.
The Sisters soon started vigorously their pastoral activities in El Colorado and in the surrounding villages. People here were like sheep without a shepherd. Spiritual assistance and sacraments were administered only once a year by a missionary priest who was visiting this place from a far away city. Sisters found the people very receptive, there was a thirst in them to receive the Word of God, sisters felt accepted by them and were happy to be engaged in conveying the ‘Good News’ and confirming their faith.
Soon the mission extended to the other parts of the country for there was a crucial need for the presence of the Religious .The communities at Rio Cuarto, Tacanitas, Campo Gallo, San Francisco, Marcos Paz (Buenos Aires), Campeche and Ticul (Mexico) were formed successively which are directed by the Provincialate at Rio Cuarto presently.
We are engaged in different apostolates in these six communities. Pastoral care to the people in remote villages and those in our institutions, social activities to mobilise peoples’ power and finance to provide housing and water facilities, education of the youth , caring for the youth in the boarding homes,giving integral care to the old people in the home for the aged, etc. are the works that the sisters wield as instruments to bring God to His people.