The SCBs in Italy are presently in three communities : Meina ( Novara ), Crusinallo (Verbania) and Borgo Ticcino ( Novara ). The communities are in the Diocese of Novara situated in the Region of Piemonte in the north of Italy. Arona, the native place of our beloved and admirable patron Saint Charles Borromeo is just 5 kilometres away from our community of Meina.

The mission in Meina started in the December 1996. Rev. Mother General Andrea D’souza received the invitation from the Apostolic Nuncio Monsignor Moretti of Belgium, to send the sisters to Italy, Arona the birth place of our patron St. Charles Borromeo. There had arisen a great and urgent need of sisters’ presence to take charge of the old people for their spiritual, moral, psychological and physical care in an existing Casa Di Riposo Ratti at Meina, which is five kilometres from Arona. Srs. Ephrezina and Marie Stella accompanied by Sr. Eliane from Belgium came to Italy on the 25th of November 1996. The challenge of the new mission in Europe was taken up by the pioneers, Srs. Alex, Ephrezina and Marie Stella on the 17th January, 1997.


The  work  of  pastoral  care,  youth  animation, and supervision of the nursery school of the parish needed devoted religious. Mgr. G .Moretti’s suggestion to the parish priest of Crusinallo – Rev. Don Arturo Melloni to invite the SCBs to his parish is executed. The invitation is accepted by Mother Benedicta, the Superior General and her Councillors. On 31st May, 2004 – the feast of Pentecost, Srs. Ephrezina and Sr. Mary John are initiated in to this new mission at Crusinallo near Omegna. In the year 2014, Crusinallo parish has been brought under Omegna parish for the purpose of administration. Sisters were invited to work in the territory for the pastoral unity (unita pastorale ). The sisters have extended their pastoral ministry reaching out to many parishes and substations as well as youth ministries.


The parish priest, supported by the parish council decided that the Sisters’ were very important figures for many reasons: for their collaboration in the catholic nursery school, for pastoral care and liturgical services. The choice at the strong request of Monsignor Moretti, Apostolic Nuncio in Belgium fell on the Sisters of St. Charles at Wez-Velvain Belgium Thanks to the Superior General, Mother Benedicta Lobo, the request was realized and Borgo Ticino saw the birth of the new community. The community was formed by Sr. Alex Pinto, Sr. Pauline Rani Irudayam and Sr. Reema Serrao on the 1st of June 2006. The sisters’ presence in the Nursery School is very much appreciated. Sisters render pastoral service, are involved actively in youth ministry and in the choir.