In the year 1989, when Poland was liberated from the Communist regime, the Holy Father, John Paul II, made an appeal to the Superiors General of the Congregations in Europe, to keep the doors of our institutions open to have mutual exchange of spiritual sharing, in particular, the teaching of Vatican II.
On Pentecost Sunday, the 3rd of June 1990, Mother Andrea, the Superior General and her councilor Sr. Hilary, visited Poland which opened wide its door to the missionaries. This invitation given by Mgr. Wladyslaw Ziolk to open a house in his Archdiocese- Lodz was accepted by the General Council and was encouraged and supported by our sisters in Belgium. The pioneers – Srs. Boniface, Irene Pinto, and Joyce Fernandes set their foot in the new mission on 26th Oct.,1991.
The sisters soon were engaged in pastoral work. And in order to attend to the needs of the local church, the houses were opened in various parishes. The communities were formed into a region on the 1st of Nov. 2003 with Andrzejów as their head quarters.

The Sisters educate  the little children from 3 to 6 years. They are  called to be with the innocent, to inculcate in them the Christian values and main truths of our faith. They do it with great care, love and concern to deepen in them God’s love so that they grow in wisdom of God. They educate them in Christian  virtues and piety; in addition to knowledge and intellectual development, they help them in their all round  development. Keeping alive the Charism they help the poor children by giving them free education and  opportunities to learn with other children and prepare them  for the school.  Sisters  also work with their parents,  by organizing various celebrations in the Church and workshops on education.


Rooted in Christ, the Sisters commit themselves in loving service of the poor, the differently abled and autistic youth and to the faithful in the Archdiocese of Czestochowa.  The Sisters are also involved in the youth ministry, in enabling them revive their spiritual life. It also serves as a formation house.


Two sisters serve as full time nurses in the Hospital of St. John of God in the Surgery and Palliative Care ward. Pastoral work, English tuition’s, visiting the sick and the lonely and providing them nursing aid, Animation of the youth group, children’s group meeting and Choir form a part of the mission.


The Sisters in the capital city of Poland work in the hospital run by the Bonifrate Brothers. They are actively involved is pastoral and youth ministry.  English classes are taken.


The Sisters run a hospice for the sick and the aged and carry out pastoral and youth apostolate.