The Sisters of St. Charles Borromeo

Kamba village, Varap post, shahad, Kalyan west,
Thane Dist, Maharashtra, India - 421103

Marcos Paz is in the capital of Buenos Aires, belonging to the diocese of Mercedes-Lujan. In Lujan there is a great Basilica where hundreds of pilgrims visit our Lady of Lujan, who is the patron of whole Argentina.

In 1997 we received an invitation from Fr. Emilio CSSR, who knew our congregation very closely as he was one of the team members of the curia of Bishops house in Añatuya, the first missionaries who arrived to this place along with Mons. Jorge Gottau and Antonio Baseotto, precisely they who invited us to Argentina mission. We were asked to take charge of a home for the senior citizens which was run by the municipality of the place, in Marcos Paz. This house was built by the Perez Companc, benefactors of añatuya diocese, who gave this project to the municipality. But Fr. Emilio wanted the presence of the sisters, and therefore the first contract was done by them, that they would take complete charge of all the expenses: the salaries of the workers, food and health of the inmates ..etc and Administration would be done by the sisters.

MOTHER Andrea, the Superior General of that time discerned the will of God with her Counsillors and we took up this project and inaugurated the house on 6th May 1999 which is known as “Santa Teresa de Jesus de Jornet”, suggested by the Parish preist Fr.Mario Peralta.

Srs. Myriam Joseph, Veronica Rodriguez and Olga Truccone were chosen and destined as pioneers of this community. We have 20 inmates with a mixed group of both men and women and all are from Marcos Paz. We also participate in the parish activities like visiting the families, visiting the hospital, taking communion, groups of prayer, conducting funeral services, seeing to the spritual needs of the substations….etc. All the expenditure of our food and maintainance is met by the municipality. The sisters are given a remuneration, health card, expenditure of the travels to our mothe land and also 25% of the gross income is contributed to the provincialate in Rio Cuarto This is a beautiful and charming mission of the community caring and sharing our time, talents, energy, spiritual treasure, inorder to show the compassionate and merciful love of Jesus specially those who are abandoned and not taken care in their houses when they become very old.