The Sisters of St. Charles Borromeo

Kamba village, Varap post, shahad, Kalyan west,
Thane Dist, Maharashtra, India - 421103

San Francisco

On the llth of May 1994 our congregation in Argentina gave birth to a 5th community in the diocese of San Francisco. This home is known as Diehl de Sienra because it was donated by a lady called Mrs Josephine Diehl de Sienra who was the generous downer of this place. It is 26 aceres of beautiful land with greenery. This land was given to the municipality with the condition of building a home for the aged and if it was not fulfilled within 10 years the donated property would go back to the downer. As the 10th year started and nothing was done, a group of people got together and started working for the formalities and the economical help from different sources and started the building. To continue the work and to meet all the expenditure they formed a commission called C.A.P.A (A commission to help the senior citizens).As a fruit of their hard work they finished the building within the fixed time and handed over it to the municipality for the functioning of it.
All our thanks go to Fr. Raul Martini, the nephew of the Bishop of San Francisco then Rt Rev. Mons. Baldemero Carlos Martini. Fr.Raul Martini is also an episcopal delegate of the mission. While he had been to Añatuya on his missionary activities, he met our sisters at Tacañitas and came to know about our congregation and our existence in Argentina. And of course, Bishop in turn came to know about us from his nephew. The commission pleaded the Bishop to find a congregation who would take charge of the administration of this home for the aged in order to fufill the desire of Mrs.Josephine Diehl de Sienra.
Since Bishop knew about our congregation from his nephew, he suggested them to contact our Superior. Therefore, the commission members, sent a letter to our mother General then, Mother Andrea D’Souza requesting to have her sisters to administrate the newly built Home for the aged. In answer to their request, she told them to wait a little because the visit of our mother General from Belgium was very close. In 1993, during Mother General´s visit (Mother Henriette ) to Argentina, the responsible people of the commission contacted Mother General personally and she gave her consent for the project. For this purpose three pioneers were chosen and they were Srs Elizabeth Chavara , Blessy D´souza and Jessy Chacko.
On April 4th 1994, Sisters Elizabeth and Jessy Chacko started their journey from Rio Cuarto towards the new mission land, San Francisco. We came to this place a month ahead in order to get aquatinted with people and the place. Thus to prepare ourselves for the new mission. During this period, we were accommodated in the convent of religious sisters of Don ORIONE. On the 9th of May, we proceeded to the new building where we are right now. On the 10th Sr.Blessy D´souza too joined us who had just come from India. Thus Community was complete. On the following day, May 11th at 5.30 p.m. our small house was blessed by Rev. Bishop Baldomero Carlos Martini, shepherd of San Francisco. The whole ceremony lasted for 2 hours. IT Commenced with a procession of 3 pioneers followed by the Bishop to the chapel.
As an introduction to the Holy Mass, a decree was read out by which we were officially accepted into the diocese of San Francisco. In the process of Eucharistic celebration Mass articles were blessed one by one and the Blessed Sacrament was installed. Finally, the walls, doors and windows were blessed After which we had a get together with all those who were present. Soft drinks and snacks were served to them. Srs.Renée, Benigna and Cynthia were present representing our different communities in Argentina along with many people and friends of the locality. Sisters of Don Orione Cottolengo and sisters of missionaries of charity were present too for the same. Sr Of cottolengo helped us for the mass with their choir and chapel decoration. Bishop made it a meaningful ceremony and that is how the fifth community came into existence in San Francisco Argentina. Happy to mention that our parish is known as St Charles Borromeo.Our parish priest also was called Charles and was a great help in all the ways till we started to live in our new house.

The inauguration of our home for the aged took place on 20th of May 1994. It was a grand ceremony, all our sisters who are in Argentina joined us for this awaited day. Two priests from the Diocesis of Añatuya accompanied us. The inauguration started with the flag hoisting and all the municipal dignitaries were present and all were received by band set followed by the national anthem. After the talk of the city Mayor and chief guest our bishop cut the ribbon which depicted the Argentinian flag colours. And then started the blessing of the home for the aged with presence of 10 first senior citizens who entered. Mrs Leticia Agodina was felicitated for her untiring work with such dedication and delicacy (president of the commission)

After the inagurational ceremony the contract between the congregation and municipality was signed by the municipal and congregational authorities. This home for the aged was prepared for 36 senior citizens, 18 of each sex. As the years passed by the institution took a new shape with effort of the sisters, municipality, commission and local collaboration thus we have a space for 42 inmates, a hall, isolation ward and guest rooms.Thanks to the Almighty we have completed 25 years of service and love towards the aged and needy.