The Sisters of St. Charles Borromeo

Kamba village, Varap post, shahad, Kalyan west,
Thane Dist, Maharashtra, India - 421103

As a result of a long standing desire expressed by Mother Andrea, to have a house in the heart of City-Tanzania, Sr.Victoria Brangaza during her stay in Iringa from December 1997 till June 1998 began making inquires through various sources and persons.

On hearing from Fr. Sajan sdb that the Loyal High school at Mabibo, Dar-Es-salaam was looking out for qualified teachers, preferably religious sisters, Sr.Victoria began her contacts and correspondence with the concerned persons. Sr.Yvonne (a Canosian sister) the Asst.Headmistress, Fr.Victor Odiambo SJ
the Headmaster and Rev.Fr. Louis Plamonddon SJ the director.

On the new arrival of Sr.Lilly Mascarenhas from India, both Srs.Victoria B.and Lilly visited Mabibo with

Sr.Calista a Canosian sister looking out for a suitable house on a rental basis for a temporary footing.


New Mission at Mabibo Dar Es Salaam:
God blessed the untiring efforts to venture into a new mission. Sisters Carmel (Sr.Celine D’souza), Arputham and Jansi Jay arrived Dar Es Salaam on 27th of December 1998. They were accommodated in Don Bosco- Upanga for three days and explored tirelessly the unfamiliar city to purchase the essential things for the house. Sr.Lilly Mascarenhas who arrived from Iringa also assisted them in the purchases and of settling down.

Finally, Sr.Carmel (Sr.Celine D’souza) as their animator, they plunged into the new mission on 30th December 1998 staying in a rented house of Mr.Saidi at Mabibo just outside the Loyola high school compound. These pioneers put up joyfully with all the discomforts like refugees in a camp with al the belonging needed for the new house on their first night of their arrival since the house was locked and couldn’t contact the Owner. The great support received from the Salesian fathers wouldn’t be forgotten.

Foundation day of the New mission: The inaugural blessing of the house was on 3rd January 1999 by
Rev.Fr. Prabhu SDB in the valuable presence of our dear Srs. Ignatius- provincial superior of
Eastern Province and Bernadine – provincial superior of Western province of India who had
arrived to Tanzania on the previous day. Sr. Lilly Mascarehans also who was the Superior of the Iringa
community contributed her great support by her presence. The function was in a simple style
adapted to the situation.

The pioneers Sisters Carmel and Jansi Jay joined the staff of Loyal High School and Sr.Arputham helped

in the women’s developmental program in the locality, teaching them English, needle craft and cooking.

Man proposes but God disposes (Proverb 16:9):

This scripture message was a constant experience of the mission in Dar Es Salaam. Sr.Victoria Brangaza
as mission coordinator and Sr.Celine the Animator of the community knocked at the doors of so many to
acquire a suitable land or a house for the purpose of residence and to start a primary school but nothing
came to actualize. In the year 2001, we were given a plot of revoked land in Sahara- Mabibo by the
ministry for 99 years for a primary school. Toward the middle of 2010, we were informed verbally that
the court order has demanded the land to be returned to the original owner. A lot of efforts and the
struggles were gone through by the sisters especially Sr.Victoria to end the land dispute for years and to
get it cleared . All these seemed fruitless but the sisters relied on the God’s will to be fulfilled.

In September 2004, a plot of land -farm was purchased at Mavurunza-Bonyokwa from the land owner
Mr.Kika since the Sahara land was not getting cleared. The agreement was signed by Srs.Victoria
Braganza and Arputham and was witnessed by Advocate Mr.Mapunda and Fr.Jerome S.J. This land
Continued to be a farm without any developmental works since that area had no access to electricity and

It appeared that the time had not yet come to have our own residence or apostolate so the mission of Mabibo was continued for ten years by changing three rented houses to stay in ( Mr.Saidi’s house- years Dec1998-2000, Cannosian house- years 2001-2003, Pastor Kalata’s house years January 2004 – September 2008.) while teaching in Loyola High school and conducting adult and women education classes at Umoja

The joy of being fulfilled:

On 7th of October 2008 was the happiest day for the sisters at Dar. Our newly bought house about 50 meters as transit house at Kimara Stop Over, after undergoing repairs for about 3months. It was officially blessed with Holy Eucharist by the parish priest of Kimara Rev.Fr.Francis C.M.F. The presence of our neighbours and SCC group added more colour and solemnity to the occasion.

Year January 2009 to December 2010, Sr.Anto A taught at Kigongo about 4 kms from the church belonging to the Claretian fathers. We requested another Congregation to manage their school since we were not in a position to give more sisters.

In 2010, an extension of the small house ground- one for a Pre-school and residence for the sisters and for the purpose of the transit house was constructed. The house was blessed on 18th December 2010 by Rt.Rev. Joseph Chennoth- the Papal Apostolic Nuncio for Tanzania in the presence of two auxiliary Bishops of Dar- Bishop Libena and Eusebius Nzifilwa, SCC members, parish clergy, religious and friends. On the same day we had the joy of celebrating 325 years if the foundation of our Congregation.

On 14th of January 2013 we started the school with two old students and three new students. Later with the effort of Sr.Anto.A two more students  were  increased by the end of January. It was just a trial and error method. Parents were informed about the closure of the school reason being low strength. Parents were met individually for the refunding of the school fee and stationery and the students were shifted to the  nearby neighbouring school.

Fr. John Bernard CMF, the director of the St.Claret school welcomed Sr.Anto.A as a Headmistress for the years 2014-2016. After she transferred Sr.Regina took up the same responsibility for contract of one year and  meanwhile  Sisters from India belonging to the congregation of  FSMA were trained  by her to take up the school  and thus by the end of 2017 we withdraw our  contract.

Change of mission according the signs of the time: The formation of beginning stages began in this transit house (Dar-es-salaam) in the years 2015 to 2016. Then the Regional house was shifted from Iringa to this place in the year 2019.

Animators of the Mission in Dar Es Salam :

  • Sr.Carmel Known as Celine D’souza: 1998- 2003
  • Sr.Victoria: 2004-2006
  • Sr.Arputham: 2007-2012
  • Sr.Jansi Jay: 2013- 2015
  • Sr.Sudha : 2016 – to date