The Sisters of St. Charles Borromeo

Kamba village, Varap post, shahad, Kalyan west,
Thane Dist, Maharashtra, India - 421103
The sisters of the province of Argentina were very grateful to God the loving Father for allowing our congregation to expand in Argentina for a curator century from 1984. As we were having the silver jubilee celebration of our mission in 2007, it was the desire of every one to express our gratitude to God by implanting, extending our congregation to another country. There was a question to where? From Chile and Guatamala bishops we received the invitations. Also there was in mind whether to Mexico? Sr. Alicia Valder the provincial and the sr. Bernedine Fernandez (Berni)was the general councilor then, had the opportunity to visit some places of north province of Chile with the same purpose of extending our congregation.
Then it happened not by chance…it is the will of the Father, our sisters. Alicia Valder, Anacetus Thirutanathil ex provincial and Gracy Joseph had gone to Cabana, Unguillo to sierras de Cordoba for the spiritual exercises, retreat. It is there our sisters met some Mexican sisters of st.Joseph. They encouraged our sisters to open a house in the dioceses of Yucatan Merida. They gave the direction of the Arch bishop Emilio Carlos Berlie Belaunzarán, also gave them hope of getting vocations.
Mexico, where our Lady of Guadalupe abides…Our Mother was waiting for us, to see our congregation established were she is loved and honored. Well through the bishop Emilio our sisters reached Ticul, Merida, Yucatan to take in charge of an old age home. It was existing since 15 years, run by the lay associates of St. Vincent Paul, for some reasons those ladies could not continue, so there arose the need of forming a Civil Association who took charge of meeting all the needs of this” Divine Mercy Home”. Since its construction, St. Vicente ley people had the support of the parish priest Fr. George Medina, the church land was given to build, in one part of the chapel of our Lady of Guadalupe. The new association presents to the parish priest Fr.Francisco de Borja Cervera Canto the need of having some people to accompany the inmates and see the spiritual needs. Father contacted the Arch bishop Emilio Carlos Berlie and the bishop accepts the congregation St. Charles to his dioceses Merida Yucatan and send them to Ticúl parish, to the DIVINE MERCY HOME.
On 28th of December 2008 at 9.30 p.m. they sr.Alicia Valder the provincial with three pioneers srs.Jessy Chacko, Veronica Rodriguez and Janet Monteiro reached the blessed land of Our Lady. For few days they stayed in a convent in Merida” Siervas de Maria, Ministros de de los enfermos.”. On the 8th of January 2009, sr.Alicia Valder with srs.Jessy Chacko, Veronica Rodriguez and Janet Monteiro left the convent of Merida and reached Ticul with the parish priest Fr.Francisco and Mr. Alonso Medina who had gone to fetch them. At Fr. Francisco Borga blessed the house. On 11th of January the sisters were presented to the people in the parish.