The Sisters of St. Charles Borromeo

Kamba village, Varap post, shahad, Kalyan west,
Thane Dist, Maharashtra, India - 421103

Planning for a medical project was in progress at Iringa, on the five acre plot made available by the bishop of Iringa where we have pre-primary and primary school. The municipality approved the plan for the dispensary. In the year 1998, we were collecting funds to build the dispensary meanwhile we found that the place was not conducive because the site was within the Township of Iringa where many health facilities already existed. Sr.Mangala Mary who was doing her three years of Clinical Medicine at Sengerema –Tanzania shared with the Mission coordinator to begin a dispensary in a remote area where people really need us. Sr. Victoria took this issue seriously and started looking for a place. Meanwhile Sr.Victoria heard from a Consolata sister who was a councilor, about the kibao dispensary which they were planning to dispose of it due to lack of personnel.  In view to take over this dispensary Sr.Mangala was sent to kibao in 1999 to stay with the Consolata sisters to study the situation.  She saw the sight of the poor suffering humanity flocking to kibao from far and near for a touch of the Lord through the sisters, conquered her compassionate heart. We did not have any health personnel to begin this project.

The mission came into realization on 1st June 2001, the day dedicated to Rev.Fr.Adrien Breezy. On the feast of our founder is the Foundation of kibao mission.  Sr. Victoria was the Mission co coordinator, the pioneers being Sr.Magdaline Balaiah and Sr.Lilly Mascarinas. On 20th June Sr.Philomina Malaikal joined the community.  It was a 76 bedded dispensary. This mission was run by a group of Italian Missionaries, the Consolata sisters since 1965. It was build up by them caring for the sick for thirty four years before we took up this mission. The Generalate meet the purchase of the place. We thank Sr.Benedicta and the councilors for the help in realizing the health ministry in Tanzania.   The same year in September, Sr.Sudhandira Mary a Laboratory Assistant joined the community to render the health service in the dispensary. In 2002 Sr.Mangala finished her Clinical Medicine course at Sengerema and joined the community where she had rendered her service for several years at kibao mission. The others Nurses who joined the community in medical service are Sr.Magdaline Balaiaha, Sr.Thankamma Micle, Sr.Jerlin and Sr.Lalitha Bai.   Sr.Innaci Adikalam came to Tanzainia as a junior and she did her five years of M.B.B.S at Dar es Salaam and joined our community in December 2017. Rendered her fruitful service in taking care of the patients.

The types of diseases that are treated here in the dispensary:  Kibao enjoys a sharp cold weather surrounded by Tea estates where majority of the people work.  They are on duty for twelve hours a day in the rain, cold and the mist.  The patients come from near and far to get treated. Mainly the patients  suffering from Malaria, Pneumonia, Diarrhea, Tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS patients, Burns cases and  malnourished children with protein  energy Malnutrition. We have an outpatient department where we get an average of 45 to 55 patients per day. In patient department where we admit around 35 to 45 patients per month. We have two mobile Reproductive Child Health (RCH) clinics where we reach out every month, to 300 to 450 children under five to vaccinate them against the communicable diseases. The antenatal mothers receive the vaccination and the cheek up. The service is free of cost. The government provides the vaccines. Due to HIV/AIDS many people were affected by Tuberculosis. This was a main and a big responsibility to take care of them, the patients stayed two months in the dispensary where they contributed very little money for their stay. The medication was given free since it was sponsored by the Government. This condition lasted up to 2007 where the Government started distributing free anti Retro Viral drugs which reduced the opportunistic infections to a greater extent. During this period many HIV/AIDS patients died we stayed close to them close on their final journey to the Lord by praying with them and supporting the grieved family members.

Since we have many buildings and all the buildings are not used for the health care. Since 2007 to 2018 we had ten orphans and semi orphans who were cared in our premises for their primary and secondary education with free boarding and holistic care. They went to study in the nearby government schools. Sr.  Sudhandira Mary, Sr.Arputha Mary, Sr.Juliana Pinto and Sr.Victoria Braganza took care of   them along with the medical personnel who are working in the dispensary. This project was ended in 2019 since the government was demanding a special boarding with registration. We were not able to meet the demands of the government. The community also cares for the orphans and semi orphans whose parents are HIV/AIDS victims since its infancy up to this day providing the stationary, books and uniforms to a number of children within our vicinity with the help of our sisters’ generosity from Italy and Belgium up to this day.

This house also served as the initial formation house for all the batches of candidates and few batches of postulants under the care of the following formators Sr. Lalitha Minj, sr. Lilly Mascarinas, Sr.Lovina, Sr.Benedette Toppo and Sr.Anita Pinto from 2007 to 2018.

In the year 2018 the dispensary was raised to a status of a health centre to reach out to the sick and suffering. This task was entrusted to Sr.Mangala Mary who had done it with the providence of God. From then onwards the delivery unit was started.   The implementation of The National Health Issuance Fund is done. The Care and Treatment Centre for HIV/AIDS patients started, by providing them free Anti Retro viral drugs with the help of the government. Now we also started the (RCH) Reproductive Child Health clinic at the heath centre since 2018 along with a mobile clinic.

The sisters are not only satisfied with these works but actively taking part in the church activity by involving in the church decorations, taking care of the altar linen and the sacristy.  The distribution of the Holy Communion during the Holy Eucharist and teaching catechism in the primary and secondary. We do not have a particular sister for this work but the sisters took turns to do it with love and dedication.  The house visits are done regularly to identify the poor and needy to help them. The health centre takes care of the aged, orphans and the sponsored children by providing them free medical care when needed. We take an active part in the Small Christian community, accompanying the Parish priest to the sub stations for the Holy Eucharist. We avail this opportunity to speak for the vocations in the church especially inviting them to join our congregation.

The superiors those who served Kibao community are Sr.Magdaline Balaiaha, Sr.Mangala Mary,  Sr.Sudhandira Mary, Sr.Thankamma Micle and Sr.Sunita Mary. We are grateful for each one of them for their selfless service and dedication. The Generals who visited, encouraged and supported the missions are Sr.Benedicta Lobo, Sr.Saroj Amala Dass, Sr. Alena Fernandez and the General councilors.

We are surrounded by the poorest of the poor; the moderate income does not prevent us to reach out to the poor, sick and needy. With the Divine providence of God the sisters give themselves totally to God and for His people.