The Sisters of St. Charles Borromeo

Kamba village, Varap post, shahad, Kalyan west,
Thane Dist, Maharashtra, India - 421103
It is not only that still water runs deep. Most of the work goes un noticed. But Trust in GOD the ALMIGHTY helped them to give their best to His people. In fact most of the good works are routine, making no claim for anything in return. Yet the Kingdom is established, sustained and spread by the hard works of our sisters with GOD as their center.

We now experience the lack of sisters to continue the mission of God over here………….

This is one of the Pastoral Communities of Belgium started in 1986 to respond to the need of the parish. The Sisters of Providence of Gosseli who were rendering service in the parish were obliged to close down the community due to their old age. Thus the Parish Priest of that time L’abbé “ Callens ” after discussing the difficulties of his parish with the Bishop of Tournai asked the Superior General, Mother Marie Henriette to have sisters of St. Charles Borromeo to reach out in the pastoral Ministry.

Srs, Agnes, Thressia Varghese and Juliana Periera were the pioneers of this Pastrol Mission situated about 7 kms from the Mother House. The inauguration of this New community was on September 27th 1986 coinciding with the Tri-Centenary celebration of our Foundation. The sisters lost no time, to get involved in the parish activities with lots of zeal and enthusiasm Their activities was as varied as the age group of the parishioners. After the example of our Patron and Funder Fr, Adrien Bresy, emphasis is given for the Faith Formation of all age groups. Starting with Baptism , first communion, confirmation, visiting the sick and the aged, attending to their spiritual needs and preparing them for a good death was completely entrusted to the sisters.

As always these small acts of love and kindness may go unnoticed by the majority but written in Golden Letters in heaven as reward for the humble and hidden souls working untiringly to establish God’s Kingdom. As days pass by and the comforts and development of the country progress in leaps and bounds, Faith in God and attending the sacraments are diminishing at a rapid pace, demanding more energy and effort from the sisters. All this is possible to the sisters since Christ is the center of their lives.

Due to the lack of priests, parishes were reorganized to work together as a deanry of18 parishes under one parish priest and 2 – 3 retired priests. This situation became more exacting an dinevitably sisters had to stretch themselves more than they could.  Fortunately  God has blessed them with   2 ordained lay Deacons ( married men) their service is a boon to the parish. one sister was appointed by the diocese as the Pastoral animator, she coordinates catechism for the denary.

Following are the other activities of the community at the denary level:
  • Organizing of the Funeral services
  • Preparing the young couples for the marriage
  • Preparing the children and youth for the Initial sacraments
  • Helping the poor and the needy, visiting the sick and the home bound
  • Accompanying the aged placed in the homes, animating the monthly Eucharist
  • Maintaining the parish account