The Sisters of St. Charles Borromeo

Kamba village, Varap post, shahad, Kalyan west,
Thane Dist, Maharashtra, India - 421103

North Kanara, Sunkeri


On May 23rd 1981, the community of Mirjan was shifted to Sunkeri. The sisters were offered a house belonging to the diocese of Karwar, they were requested to take charge of the administration of the Diocesan English medium Hr.Pry, School known as People’s EnglishMedium School. Sr. Alphonsa was appointed as the superior of the Community.
On June 1, 1981, Rev. Sr. Laeta B.S. (Bethany Sisters) resigned from the post of a H.M. and Sr. Raymond SCB was appointed as the Headmistress of the school. The name “Peoples’ English Medium Hr. Pry. School” was officially changed to “Nirmala Rani School” by the C.P.I., Bnagaore in an official letterdated Octobr 28, 1985 No. PS/CPI/338/85.
Two sisters were appointed in the school. The non formal apostolates were taken up in the late seventies and Eighties and most of the sisters were acquainted with formal apostolate, hence many expected immediate and tangible results. The sisters had to learn to accept the slow progress of a non-structural approach. The effort of Mother Benedicta to lounge out into unknown territory and tread un-trodden paths was indeed a challenge to the sisters. Bravo! For the bold steps taken! Gradually the vision began to take shape, courage and perseverance had to be the hallmark of such a venture born of the spirit.

The presence of the Sisters of St.Charles Borromeo: The Catholic population is still poor and the area is under developed. The Sisters are faced with a great challenge to promote the all-round development of the people specially the marginalized. The Sisters are involved in Christian Education, Pastoral care, Social welfare and empowerment of women. Opportunities for employment are very meager and this is the basic cause for alcoholism and poverty. Sr. Placid (Laetetia Valder ) took the initiative to start the Adult Education classes and needle work classes. Sr.Placid and Sr. Clotilda spent their valuable time animating the youth, visiting the parishes to encourage the young girls to know their goal in life, organizing youth programs, parish choir etc. Visits of Mother General Mother Marie Henriatte, Sr.Rene, Mother Benedicta Provincial superior were of great support to the newly started mission.

Gratitude: We thank God for the sacrificing spirit of our pioneers, leadership taken up by the Superior General Mother Marie Henriatte, Mother Andrea, Mother Benedicta, Sr. Saroj, Sr. Alena; Provincial Superiors namely, Mother Benedicta, Mother Lydia, Sr.Damian, Sr. Bernadine, Sr.Janet, Sr.Alena,and Sr. Wlma whose unitiring support helped us to work generously keeping up the motto and the charism of our congregation. Thirty Nine years have passed and the benefit of our service is reflected very much in the people of Sunkeri. We express our gratitude to our Srs. Alphonsa, Raymond , Lilliane, Carmel, Sylvia, Dorothy, Elsy John, Juliana Pinto, Carmine, Pauline Lobo, Leena Mascarenhas, Sabina Lobo who have rendered their service as animators and Headmistress of Nirmala Rani School. No doubt many of our sisters worked in this school as teachers. We are proud to say that the human dignity the moral values instilled in children are reflected in the life style of people of Sunkeri.