The Sisters of St. Charles Borromeo

Kamba village, Varap post, shahad, Kalyan west,
Thane Dist, Maharashtra, India - 421103
Mizoram is a state in northeastern India, with Aizawl as its capital city. The name is derived from “Mizo”, the name of the native inhabitants, and “Ram”, which means land, and thus Mizoram means “land of the Mizos”. Within the northeast region, it is the southernmost landlocked state, sharing borders with three of the Seven Sister States, namely Tripura, Assam and Manipur. The state also shares a 722-kilometre border with the neighbouring countries of Bangladesh and Myanmar. Like several other northeastern states of India, Mizoram was previously part of Assam until 1972, when it was carved out as a Union Territory. It became the 23rd state of India, a step above Union Territory, on 20 February 1987
The proposal to start St. Charles Convent in Aizawl came through Rev. Fr. S.Michael who has been pillar of strength for our presence in Mizoram. Right Rev. Bishop Stephen Rotluanga invited us to his Diocese in Aizawl. The then Provincial Sr.Christine Vas responded to the invitation joyfully. The purchase of the land was done in the year 2007 and work was on progress. The purpose of starting this community was to extend our education ministry, transit house and vocation promotion. Aizawl community was officially founded and blessed in the year, 12th Jan 2008. We have our own land for convent and school.

The purpose of establishment here is to have school of our own to reach out to the poor people in this locality. The pioneers of the Aizawl community Sr. Shanthi Lobo and Sr. Precilla Saldanha are well appreciated for their courage and commitment. Our main apostolate is Education which we are carrying out. The presence of sisters is made more relevant by giving quality education and regular visit of all the people in our area .We also join our catholic community for the prayers regularly and take care of pastoral work of the local church .we do give our valuable presence during the death of people in our locality and show our solidarity .We took up the great task to complete the construction of our building, within ten years of our existence. The community is grateful to the Provincials – Sr. Christine, Sabina, Sebasti and their councils for the interest taken in this mission. We are taking care of our people here by showing our care and concern especially to the weaker students. We succeeded with very good results of our first badge of class tenth this year 2020.

There were much struggle yet God has done His great job than us .We were only the means to guide our heroes to fly high. They make us feel very proud that they are the product of St. Charles School. We are not yet flourished so much by our own, but we were greatly helped by the province to bring up our tiny home into big institution. We thank God the Almighty who has worked wonders .We were not stable with our finance so far. The construction work was looked after by the province till 2019. We are able to manage financially with what we receive from our school. There is great hope for the future.