The Sisters of St. Charles Borromeo

Kamba village, Varap post, shahad, Kalyan west,
Thane Dist, Maharashtra, India - 421103

St. Charles Convent Hoshangabad, M.P

From 1972 Rt. Rev. Eugene D’Souza Archdiocese of Bhopal repeatedly put forward this request of starting a house in his diocese by the sisters of St. Charles. Mother Benedicta – Provincial and Sr. Lydia visited the diocese in 1982 .One of the areas proposed for mission work was Hoshangabad- district headquarters. In his concern for the rural poor and few floating Catholics existing there, Archbishop Eugene had in his mind to strengthen the faith of the existing catholic community. Answering the request of Archbishop Mother Benedicta and the pioneering Srs. Bede, Sebasti and Tresa Augustine set foot in Hoshangabad on 23rd November 1983.

Archbishop Eugene who was a visionary, very keen to have an English Medium School which was not accepted by the Provincial Council. As a consequence, our development is limited even after 25 years of our presence in Hoshangabad. Sisters rented a home in Saraswati Nagar Colony 4 kms away from the town with minimum facilities. The sisters started visiting the families, attending to the sick, conducting non-formal education. Catholic community was strengthened with much effort and continuous visits. Sisters dining room was used for Sunday mass to accommodate 60 to 80 Catholics.

After much consultation and discernment sisters opened St. Charles Hindi Medium School in the rented room. On 25-6- 1988 the foundation was laid for the convent and in November it was blessed as their permanent abode. For 2 years St. Charles Convent was converted into school for half day. As the strength in the school was increasing sisters with the consultation of Provincial, laid the foundation for the school and children were shifted on the 25th November 1989. St. Charles dispensary reached out to many sick people in the neighbourhood but was closed in 2001 due to lack of hands.

On 20th April1994 St. Charles English medium school was started to support the Hindi medium school. Discernment was made and though Mother Lydia – Provincial was not for English Medium, the community made an appeal under the leadership of Srs. Ephrez and Christine and it was permitted. Starting of English Medium is a boon because of the poor economic background of the students in the Hindi Medium as we were not financially stable. The sisters of St. Charles society has bought 5 acres of land at Itarsi which is made use to cultivate wheat.

The English medium was affiliated to CBSE New Delhi In 2012, during Sr. Christine’s tenure and gradually attained financial stability. The school has catered to students economically poor, rural and from agricultural background who have made a deep impression on the society, holding high positions in the society, improving their standard of living. Hindi Medium will have a natural close with last batch of Std. 12thappearing for board exam in 2021.

Besides teaching in the school, the Sisters visit the families, have hostel facilities for the poor rural children studying in English Medium from 2013, coach intellectually and economically poor children, impart moral values, teach catechism, render help in the parish church, youth and Mahila Sangh.